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Our customers love quality and we fulfil their wishes!

You want a kitchen in which you feel comfortable and which offers all modern conveniences?

                                  Then we are your partner!

We are specialized in high-quality kitchens, kitchen appliances and furnishings.

We do not build to standard - we build life quality!

We advise you comprehensively and intensively not only about the type of kitchen, the design and the functionality, but also about many possibilities how you can individually design your kitchen.

You will be enthusiastic about what can be developed from your wishes.

We advise you on new equipment and modernisation.
We also solve difficult room concepts.
We take over the complete handling.
We deliver on time, customs fit and clean.

We are here for you.

Trust in our 25 years of experience - which leaves nothing to be desired!

Visit our current exhibition and let yourself be inspired. Make an appointment for a consultation and we will take time for your ideas.

What we understand by professional advice:

During a professional consultation, the consultant inquires about the client's lifestyle.

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- How does he behave with food: does he like to buy good food and then cook it himself, or is a ready-made food more likely to be used?
- Does the customer like baking cakes or bread, or does he buy them from the baker?
- Water is also an issue today. Is it bought out of the bottle or does the customer want a good filter system for his kitchen?
- Once these and other questions have been clarified, the kitchen is brought to the screen using state-of-the-art technology. The customer's wishes are optimally implemented in colour and working method.
- The subject of quality is very difficult today. How do I recognize the quality? At first glance, all kitchens always look the same, but what is important is what is behind the doors.
- There are many different characteristics, which unfortunately no longer play a role in a consultation today. I hope that this will change again, of course, and I attach great importance to this in our deliberations.
- It starts with the base: do I have a plastic cover for protection or a grooved strip, how are the corners, plastic or even grooved with metal?
- What quality fronts do I have? There are very big differences here. There is the lacquer kitchen with a lacquer structure, or just the lacquered foil, there is of course an extremely large the price difference.
- The body height of the kitchen is also an important thing. We have the new grid dimensions and we have the body, which is only topped up with a drawer, this is of course always visible in price.
- A quality kitchen always has the new grid dimensions with a carcase height of approx. 78 cm.
- What is the structure of the body, what kind of chipboard does it contain? This too is a characteristic of goodness. But how can the customer recognize this?
- Every manufacturer also has a statement in the quality, if he does not make it, one should keep one's hands off this kitchen.
- The quality is of course also related to the price.
- It is not done with the kitchen purchase, the service and aftercare are also very important. Can the customer still come back after years and will they still be well and honestly looked after?


We will continue to be there for you and your wishes even after you have bought your kitchen!

Just give us a call and we'll talk about the best solution!

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Gutekunst Kitchens

Glemsgaustr. 16
70499 Stuttgart - Weilimdorf
Phone: 0711 866 66 10

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Opening hours:

Monday - Friday:   10:00 - 12:30 o'clock
and:  13:00 - 17.30 o'clock

Wednesday and Saturday our studio is closed!

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Marina Gutekunst

Glemsgaustr. 16
70499 Stuttgart - Weilimdorf
Phone: 0711 866 66 10


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